The Purpose of the OIA Panther Audit Platform:

Assist functional unit managers and internal auditors in managing all aspects of the audit process by communicating with all the functional areas no matter where the user is geographically. The OIA Panther Audit Platform will allow audit issue owners to view their audit landscape right at their fingertips. This digital platform enhances current practices, which assists the internal audit function and strengthens internal controls in compliance over the services Florida International University renders.

Benefits of OIA Panther Audit Platform:

  • Keeps track of the progress of the remediation of deficiencies.
  • Includes audit plan of the current fiscal year and keeps track of previous years’ plans.
  • Allows the Office of Internal Audit to schedule projects and allocate resources efficiently.
  • Increases efficiency and productivity of the entire audit process, including risk management and audit scheduling, execution, review, reporting, and storing.
  • Captures budgeted and actual time spent on projects.
  • Creates and manages audits via an electronic working papers.

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