Our audits are designed to facilitate positive change. Typically, we notify management of an impending audit via an “engagement letter” which outlines the preliminary objectives and scope of the audit to be performed. We schedule an “entrance conference” where we explain how the audit process works and encourage management’s input. After the entrance conference, we gather sufficient information about the entity being audited so as to complete an audit program, which enumerates tests that will be performed to accomplish the audit’s objectives. Any findings and recommendations are typically discussed with management and staff at the time of our fieldwork and we also issue a draft report and conduct an “exit conference.” After receiving management’s written response to our recommendations we issue a final audit report.

Audit reports are provided to the Board of Trustees’ Finance and Audit Committee, the President of the University, Provost, Deans and/or area Vice President, and the administrators responsible for the area or activity audited.

Final audit reports and related working papers are generally considered records subject to public inspection.