To support our speak-up culture and encourage reporting without fear of retaliation, FIU is pleased to announce the launch of the new Ethical Panther Hotline in partnership with iSight, an independent third-party vendor. At FIU, we believe that our ethics, integrity, and commitment to compliance are essential in guiding us to make the right decisions. The Ethical Panther Hotline is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. There are two easy options to anonymously and confidentially report issues:

Ethical Panther Reporting Line: iSight
Available Online:
Toll-free number: 888-520-0570

Please contact the Office of University Compliance & Integrity at 305-348-2216 or if you have questions about the Ethical Panther Hotline.

We are also responsible for investigating whistleblower complaints and complaints from other sources, which allege waste, fraud, or abuse.

After concluding our investigation, a report detailing our findings is distributed to individuals as appropriate (President, Provost, Dean, etc.), and senior management with a need to know and/or act upon any resulting recommendations. Also, persons or parties directly involved in the case receive copies of the final report. Compared to audit reports, these reports are shared with a limited audience. Nevertheless, the report and related working papers are similarly subject to public inspection.